Dog is a man’s best friend

21 Oct

My mom surprised me yesterday. She brought a new member to our family. Meet our 15days old pup Lucy. It is a doberman-pomeranian mixed breed.


Having a pet in our home again (after 4yrs) gives me nostalgia. Our family is fond of canines especially my mom and her dad. My grandpa is an ideal dog caretaker as well as trainer. We always had pomeranians in the house. We had Tiger-Labrador, Julie-Pom (lived the longest), spotty, snoopy and dolly.  I’m so emotionally attached to them insofar I still lament their absence. The emotional bond you develop with your pet is inexplicable. Pets can’t talk, They just love. My mom always used to say this “when I come home It is the pet that shows its love wagging its tail, not my daughters.”She’s right, even if we went out for an hour, it will miss you. They used to wake me up in the morning (licking my face lol) and if I am sad(its like they read your mind) they cheer me up. Dogs come from Grey wolves. They are known for their loyalty for generations. We dog lovers have heard the story of Hachiko, Hawkeye, Ciccio, Capitan; We watched ‘Marley & me.’ Dogs can empathize which is the reason why they possess all these qualities. I can reminisce our last pet Dolly, whom we gave up for adoption, din’t eat & stayed gloomy the entire week when my grandpa passed away. When you have a pet, It is a part of your life. We give it a home, food & love; in return It gives you all. Our past melancholy with the limited lifespan of a dog has made us to contemplate pethood for a while and finally we decided to have one. God gave us this opportunity to provide home for this little darling, I wish you never grow up.

Welcome to the family Lucy. I pray that you be blessed to live long and make memories with us. I love you already. 🙂

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