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Happy New Year 2014

New year is a time to start over for many. No matter how good or bad your past year has been, we need to take time to reflect back on the whole year. The good we have done, the good that happened to us, what we learned, our mistakes, highlights and lowlights. Despite the fact I have triskaidekaphobia (# 13) my 2013 started off with a blast. I was on a toxic ER duty under surgery department at DMC. Sure the duty was hell with unlimited drunk patients who got injured through accidents (which they made) and bar fights (using glass bottles). End of the day, I loved my work so I didn’t feel bad about not being able to celebrate with my friends. I had many highlights this year and almost zero lowlights (I guess cause I’m being optimistic). My graduation, my ventures, traveling, free lance writing, coming back to india & settling in hyderabad, parties, family get-togethers, occasions, rekindling with my old friends, making new friends, new learnings, new habits and others (Part of my year was monotonous though but it’s a balance). So I’m grateful. I never keep new year resolutions, I’m spontaneous and I live in the present. So whatever my 2014 is gonna be, bring it on. I’m positive its going to be a great year again or I will make it happen. 🙂


“And as you all can see, the ball has stopped half way to its perch. It’s suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new year, to stop, and reflect on the year that has gone by. To remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken, the times we opened ourselves up to great adventures… or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt, because that’s what new year’s all about. Getting another chance, a chance to forgive. To do better, to do more, to give more, to love more, and to stop worrying about what if… and start embracing what will be. So when that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other, and not just tonight but all year long.” – New years eve film


                                    Count your blessings! Happy new year everyone. Have a blast. God bless!

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Hardest thing to say is ‘Goodbye’

My grand father has had the most influence on my life. It has been 5 years he has passed away. Reliving the time he passed away is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. His death has left me 9 months of darkness. It took me that long to get over it. As family, we still grieve our grand parents absence. I know when people become old, they pass away but I wish that didn’t happen in the case of my grandpa. He expired an year after my grandma passed away which is even more painful. Partly he felt lonely and lost in my grandma’s absence, this is how he, such a spry and nimble man of 77yrs has weakened over time.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about him – Simplicity. My grand parents practically brought me up. My grandpa is the only reason how I became the person that I am today. He encouraged me to study abroad, travel, to become a doctor, to be fearless and independent. He taught me morality, spirituality, history, science, geography, practically everything I needed to know. He gave me lot of knowledge. He did MA literature, that’s how I got good at English by the age of 5. I heard about Shakespeare when I was 6.

Until the age of 10, he used to tell me bedtime stories. We used to walk the bay and meet his friends at the park near the library. He visits library often and he used to share whatever he read that day. I was his first grand child. After I was born, my grand parents (who didn’t live with us that time) moved closer to my home so they can visit us often. He walked me to school everyday. Every now and then he bought us chocolates, even to our cousins.

I used to be good at basket ball and badminton when I was 12. I used to be shy to practice at the stadium so he used to accompany me every time I wanted to go. He likes national geographic and discovery channels, so we used to watch it most of the time. Tennis was his favorite sport, I learned it because of him (I don’t ace in it though). He’s such an animal lover especially dogs. He is the reason why we had pets throughout my upbringing.

He’s a giver. He always helped people(even his enemies) when they needed him. He practically raised his own family(4 brothers and 3 sisters) after his father’s demise. He’s so humble and respectful to his mother. He was chosen for Indian army but he didn’t go because of his commitment to his family. He gave away all his property to his family. He was a contented man. He never wanted anything, especially no material things. He was quite a workaholic. He has been a teacher (English) until the day he passed away. He never liked retirement. He never had any memory problems (damn I envy) so that kept him going.

He shared about most of his school & college days. He was young when India got independence and he met Gandhi. He shared about his participation in the freedom fight and all the things that happened during the Independence.

He is a philanthropist. He also wanted to save trees so he planted this huge garden all by himself. He is modest. He does all his home chores like gardening, shopping, cooking, even cleaning utensils. He was never imperious.

He was a simple man. He didn’t care about walking on the street without shoes. His attire reflects his personality in a bland, affable manner. He carried an appeasing smile, a low toned voice and a dulcifying benevolent personality.

He is always in a fine fettle. He never had any medical problems until my grandma died. He was always active, doing exercise, using herbal products, eating healthy food and still doing home chores even at the age of 77. He is one disciplined man that I’ve ever met. I learned a lot from him.

All that said, I regret one thing. I visited India during Christmas break in 2008. I saw and talked to him, while he was still healthy for 15days. He visited his sisters before sankranti and all of a sudden he gets a heart attack? It was alarming, poignant and dreary. I felt like I should have talked more to him, 15 days weren’t enough. What I regret is that I was puerile to stay on my laptop 24/7 being in touch with my friends when I rather would have spent more time with him. I was dismayed, speechless and depressed. I was so angry that he left me. For months, I couldn’t find solace for my agony (I tried exercise, meditation, praying & even crying). Death is lurid and somber, especially losing someone you love is a real affliction. For physical pain 10/10 you can have IV morphine but for an emotional pain 10/10, there is no medication. The only antidote for this is TIME. Only time can heal your pain. Getting over his loss was the most difficult time of my life. But now, he lives in my memories.

He is a good man, an amazing dad and an incredible grand father. I will always miss him. “I love you grandpa. I wish I spoke to you for one last time.”

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Diabetic myth

“It’s not the amount of sugar or sweet foods you eat but it is about the amount of carbohydrates.”

I have few relatives who are diabetic and keep asking me the same question or concern about their diet. Apparently many people are unaware of this. “I can’t have mango because it is too sweet.” No you can have mango or any sweet fruit you want (not the whole, a portion of it) only if you can balance your diet with a healthy meal plan and exercise. One serving of fruit contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates(= 1/2 cup cubed mango). Your goal is to have 45-60 grams of carbohydrates per meal, 3-4 servings a day. Avoid refined carbohydrates like the white flour, white rice, sugar etc and high GI food as your blood sugar spikes after eating such foods. If you can maintain this regimen, you can sneak in a piece of sweet or chocolate on special occasions.

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Our precious human life


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“A heart is something that just pumps blood, from a neurologist point of view.” – Dr.M

It is the most ridiculous pun I ever heard but it is actually true. When you normally use the poetic expression “heart”, you actually mean the limbic system. That’s where your “love is blind”, “follow your heart” applies. It is the core reason why we fall in and out of love as it processes our emotions (yep the illogical decisions). But yeah it would be weird to say “I love you with all my limbic lobe”.

“A heart is som…

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Merry Christmas :)

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Ocean Eyes

“Hark, now hear the sailors cry,

smell the sea, and feel the sky

let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”

― Van Morrison



There is something about the ocean, It’s enigmatic. I’m engrossed by its beauty. People pay big bucks to travel to islands, to the beautiful beach resorts for some peace and quiet, some adventure and leisure. For me it’s more than that. Whenever I hang out at the beach I feel like I am home, a place where you feel safe and secure like you were in your mother’s arms. I shriek like a little kid whenever I hear the ocean waves. I’m on cloud nine, surrounded by the joys of life. Anytime a friend invites me to the beach, my face would glow and grin like if I won a pageant. Ocean is like my friend, my natural shrink. May be I was a mermaid once. This love made me explore underwater, though diving, which I miss doing now. I can never forget my first diving experience, I felt like I was inside a giant aquarium and I wanted to stay there until my O2 lasted.


I have enjoyed snorkeling every weekend.



I liked taking a tiny boat to watch dolphins in the middle of the davao gulf.


Ocean eyes are blue, like the blue waters held in God’s palms

It’s irony ocean is blue when it actually brings happiness

The shore placates with dulcet tones of the waves, underwater renders a quiescent mind with absolute silence (like the silence you would probably find in the outer space)

The waves embrace your feet while walking the bay as the sea shells adorn the ocean

Underwater hails you with starfish, the clown fishes, the sea horses and many more creatures and many colorful corals, an inexplicable beauty

A stupendous view when I snorkel; up is the sky, beneath the ocean, I wouldn’t ask for anymore

I enjoy the sun rays while I swim with the fish, sunkissed and adored by the nature

Dear ocean, You make me feel small splashing the bigger view of life

Reality can be beautiful too, Just look at the ocean

I feel alone when I don’t visit you, I bequeath my love in perpetuity

— Prasoona

(above poem was written by me after being inspired by the lyrics of the owl city, I know I will improve it. one step at a time.)

P.S. : photography by me edited via instagram

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