Ocean Eyes

12 Dec

“Hark, now hear the sailors cry,

smell the sea, and feel the sky

let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”

― Van Morrison



There is something about the ocean, It’s enigmatic. I’m engrossed by its beauty. People pay big bucks to travel to islands, to the beautiful beach resorts for some peace and quiet, some adventure and leisure. For me it’s more than that. Whenever I hang out at the beach I feel like I am home, a place where you feel safe and secure like you were in your mother’s arms. I shriek like a little kid whenever I hear the ocean waves. I’m on cloud nine, surrounded by the joys of life. Anytime a friend invites me to the beach, my face would glow and grin like if I won a pageant. Ocean is like my friend, my natural shrink. May be I was a mermaid once. This love made me explore underwater, though diving, which I miss doing now. I can never forget my first diving experience, I felt like I was inside a giant aquarium and I wanted to stay there until my O2 lasted.


I have enjoyed snorkeling every weekend.



I liked taking a tiny boat to watch dolphins in the middle of the davao gulf.


Ocean eyes are blue, like the blue waters held in God’s palms

It’s irony ocean is blue when it actually brings happiness

The shore placates with dulcet tones of the waves, underwater renders a quiescent mind with absolute silence (like the silence you would probably find in the outer space)

The waves embrace your feet while walking the bay as the sea shells adorn the ocean

Underwater hails you with starfish, the clown fishes, the sea horses and many more creatures and many colorful corals, an inexplicable beauty

A stupendous view when I snorkel; up is the sky, beneath the ocean, I wouldn’t ask for anymore

I enjoy the sun rays while I swim with the fish, sunkissed and adored by the nature

Dear ocean, You make me feel small splashing the bigger view of life

Reality can be beautiful too, Just look at the ocean

I feel alone when I don’t visit you, I bequeath my love in perpetuity

— Prasoona

(above poem was written by me after being inspired by the lyrics of the owl city, I know I will improve it. one step at a time.)

P.S. : photography by me edited via instagram

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