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Life is simple at the beach


sunset at talikud

 All you need at the beach is sun glasses, swim wear, sun block and a tent. I am sharing a special memory where I got to explore an island all by myself. Usually we (alone or with my friends) visit beach in the morning and come back in the evening. I wanted to visit this particular talikud island (with white sand beaches) which is a little far away from my place. Also you have to be prepared to stay for a night if you decide to go there, because of the lack of transport. Having had a stressful life, I decided to visit this place alone during a weekend. That night was one of the “self discovery” moments I foster. I enjoyed the solitude and the silence. I snorkeled and swam all day long. There was no electricity in the island past 2 pm but it didn’t bother me. I had this tiny tent where only one person can fit in. I was watching the sunset, walking the bay with a night filled with starlit sky, reposed listening to the waves and woke up to a breathtaking sunrise. It was the time I realized, if I were 40 and still single, I would move to an island and live happily there, probably Philippines I guess. I decided to have many weekends exploring like that. After that day, I traveled to many places I wanted to visit. I wasn’t afraid of being or traveling alone and enjoyed trekking, feeling absolved and totally getting lost in the MOMENT.

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