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Food for thought!


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Yin to my yang

“Aimer, ce n’est pas se regarder l’un l’autre, c’est regarder ensemble dans la même direction. “😇 ❤️

Which means love doesn’t mean gazing at each other but it’s looking together in the same direction.

When you look at all the wrong places, your inner peace is dismantled. Because infatuation is an illusion, you’re blinded by it and in fact become a whole lot of other person who is neurotic, obsessed and weak.

I am old fashioned enough to believe
in destiny. I love me more than anything. I haven’t met a person who would change that. That doesn’t make me wanna crave for it. If there is one thing I’ve learned lately is to not allow something to rummage your inner sanctum. After all isn’t love all about balance? I am always willing to wait for my true love who would see the world through my eyes. Until then, it’s not the end of the world. 😇

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