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When faith is shaken


I faced an emotional upheaval today after learning that someone very close to me, has been deeply hurt, emotionally and physically. Like any human even we(our family) faced hardships, some of which still need to be sorted out. I have read this post somewhere few years back “why do bad things happen to good people?” Ethically how can you describe yourself as a good person anyway? It’s a difficult question isn’t it? But forget me, my parents have done nothing wrong to anyone but give love, happiness and help but we are always being tested for our good. The more we endure the more we are being hurt or given more challenges. And there is a tolerance level for everything, I lost it today. I was mad and started crying. The last time I felt this kind of pain was when I lost my grand pa. Then I remembered Stephen hawking, one of the most intelligent person on the planet right now, has been cursed with AML. If he or his family gave up on him, he wouldn’t have discovered Hawking radiation or developed theories about time. Also John Nash, he dint let his illness get in the way of his noble peace prize. I could name a lot of artists, scientists etc who dint let their illness get in the way of their success. Then I realised I’m not the kinda person who loses faith or gives up easily.

I wish I could go back and try to do something to correct this but whatever happened isn’t my fault or anyone’s fault. It’s fate! Something that you gotta step up and deal with! At times like these your loved ones need your support, love and most importantly you need to be strong in order to fight these demons. If anyone is facing a bad situation today, remember faith is power, It can move a mountain. There is nothing that you cannot face and yes eventually it will all be good. 🙂

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