Hi! I am Prasoona, 24-year-old Unlicensed Psychologist and a Doctor of Medicine. I am a Highly Sensitive Person. I love music, dance, art, fashion, writing and reading just about anything that I can muster knowledge or even a few gags from. I am truly spiritual and believe in One God despite the religion. I’m revered in the principles taught by my late grand father.

I have an active lifestyle engaging myself in any kind of exercise from yoga to swimming. I love to snorkel and dive during the weekends and a nature (beach & starlit sky) lover. I’m adventurous, independent & a good listener. Also moody, impatient and a sloth at times. I like being an ambivert, both introvert & extrovert so I like my space as well as to meet many people and hear their stories. I love my family & I’m grateful for my life. I also love pets and children.

Lastly I live in a balance of both positives and negatives but usually try to abandon the negative energy around me. I want the world to be positive, spread the love and happiness because life is short. So if you’re sad, just smile. There are so many things in our lives to be thankful for. 🙂


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