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Being grateful :)

The other day I was talking to an old man who was suicidal. He attempted suicide twice in the past. He asked me what kind of drug would help him succeed this time? I was alarmed. He is an 80-year-old rich man who was well retired with no family problems what-so-ever. How do I know? I live next door to them. I have known this family for a while. I asked him – “It is recently scorning 45 degrees hot in Hyderabad. I saw people begging in this God damn heat on the street with no foot wear or home to live. I felt so bad for them. Now tell me grandpa? You are in good health, have a family who loves you and takes care of you, have a roof on your head, have food to eat, have no personal problems. what more you need?” He kept quiet. May be he is lonely, may be had some issues that he cannot share, may be he is depressed. I asked the family to take him for a consult just in case.

As a HSP I am very prone to melancholy so I try to keep myself optimistic while in hindrance. I think as humans we often take things for granted. We never appreciate what we have and always seek for something more. It is nothing wrong to be selfish enough to seek more. It’s just while we do that we need to keep an eye on the present. Appreciate the little things that make us happy on a daily basis. As a single woman, I enjoy my FREEDOM more than anything in the world. I have been living on my own for more than a year which is great being independent. Mostly I love my job. As a doctor, I get to help people which makes me happy. I think GIVING is the most benevolent thing my grandpa has taught me. On the contrary my life is really boring right now. I still need to get married, get settled by doing post graduation, be successful and start a family. I get stressed out whenever people poke and prod me with questions regarding my love and career. But you know what? It will happen when the time is right. There is no way you can force destiny which is why many people end up unhappy with careers or marriages they don’t like or get divorced. I am sure there are other people who are in the same boat as I am. So lets take a moment and be thankful for what we have in our lives. I made a list of mine:

1. GOOD HEALTH : As a doctor, I often see cases that have life long restrictions. Fluid restriction in heart or kidney failure, carb restriction in diabetes, primary or secondary disabilities. I mean can you imagine being in their shoes? I am truly grateful for my health and my senses.

2. FAMILY: I have a very supportive family who stand by my thick and thin.

3. FRIENDS : In this appalling world, its good to find good people who give you their best.

4. FAITH : I am agnostic and I love God. Faith is what keeps me alive & optimistic.

5. LOVE : Whether its self-love or love from your family & friends, it is wonderful.

6. FREEDOM : Freedom of speech, freedom of living alone, freedom of doing whatever the heck you want. Being in a relationship is a change everyone must face, it is definitely a good thing. But can you imagine being single and sexy? You can do anything you want in the world so savor it! Enjoy it while it lasts.

7. NATURE : I think the creator made this beautiful world filled with greeneries, flowers and mountains, sunrises and sunsets, the smell of lavender, the healing power of peppermint. Nature therapy is a blessing.

8. CAREER : Cheers to all of us who love their jobs.

9. KIND STRANGERS : This surprises me often. There are so many people who do good selflessly that we meet on a daily basis. They inspire and humble me.

10. SILENCE & PEACE : This is a must for me as an ambivert. I get to re-energize because of silence. I get to reevaluate my life, I study well in this environment, I pray and meditate. Silence stimulates creativity.

There are other things in the list like facing challenges, I am in a catch 22 situation right now but imagine if I don’t face it how can I appreciate my success? My journeys, my experiences, mistakes, ancestors, science, medicine, home, food, entertainment, music & dance, laughter, talents, pets, technology, culture & diversity. Every beautiful thing in this world that makes me happy, I am eternally thankful. Please do not forget to count your blessings even if they are little. 🙂

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Happy Place 🌌


What is your happy place? 😊 If anyone asks you that question what comes to your mind? Just having this thought gives me a good feeling ❤️. There is peace within. My happy place is the one at “dahican beach”. When I visited the place alone, I was fortunate enough to blend in with some Europeans who came for a visit as well as the amazingly hospitable locals. There was the beach, the starlit sky, the guitar one of the locals played and the bonafire. Some folks danced. I remember walking to the farther end of the beach listening to music watching the starlit sky. I fell asleep listening to the waves. The whole experience is idyllic. My happy place is this stupendous reality that looks like a prodigious fantasy. 

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Happy Endings


We are not from Disneyland but we wish for a happy ending for our lives. Most of the time, we seek it from watching romantic movies or tv series. Few days ago, there was an internet rage about the HIMYM finale. I agree I was one among them to be indignant. Why? We wait for 9 years to see Ted’s lover and bam you taint the ending by making her diseased and Ted going back to rekindle with Robin? I know it’s just a TV show but more than 90% of the fans didn’t like the ending and it was the most controversial finale that has been debated upon. It didn’t feel right. Ted is supposed to stay with the love of his life and Robin isn’t the one. Anyone who watched the show knows that.

So why did we react? Why can’t we accept fiction with a dreary end? It’s a no brainer. Because we all yen the right kind of happy ending, especially from an anticipated fiction whether it’s a book or tv or a film. They reflect our heart’s desire. We yearn for happy endings. We are genetically driven for love and belonging and completion. Not so long ago, an adorable Boston couple celebrated their love of 61 years with an “up” themed photo-shoot that spread all over the internet. These stories inspire us, they temporarily fill that void for us, and they give us hope. It’s not just a true love’s kiss or a blissful dream wedding & a happily ever after. We quest for things to be alright in the end.

In real life, happy ending within reason refers to reaching certain standard goals, like to get your dream job, find the love of your life, have kids and grow old together watching your grand kids graduate. While we do that, we stay through the thick & thin we go through as a family. So what about the rest of us who dint get these done yet? Like a very popular notion “If it’s not happy, it’s not an ending”. Sometimes we need to wait longer than we might think. By that I don’t just mean to find love but also in other things like upgrading your position in your job, doing things you haven’t done before, taking care of people you love (like your parents). To put all this in one sentence “to live life to the fullest”.

Is it possible not to have a happy ending? There is a popular internet meme called “forever alone”. Nobody is forever alone, the planet has 7 billion people. I feel sorry for people who could do things for themselves but never try to. They wallow in self-pity that they never saw/see/will see when good happens to them.

Life ends only with death, so you have a life time to prepare for your happy ending. Just believe. It won’t be the same for all of us but we will have our own stories. 🙂 


All’s well that ends well – Shakespeare

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